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Agreement for use

Please read this terms and conditions between our hotel(Urban Hotel) and our guest,by accessing this website. you agree to accept the following rules no other reservations.

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Agreement for use above sentence

Uban Hotel ( called our company ) provides the internet reservation service terms of use, for the customers who is corporate, group and all individuals using the internet reservation service that our company use to offer.

  1. Coverage of this rule

    • I will apply this code for the hotel reservation to the guest room that our company offers, and it is said as follows from the specified method of our company.
  2. Use of this Service

    1. The use of this service is limited to the customer who agrees to this code.
    2. The fee which is offered with this service is the fee which is limited to the utilization of service, therefore offer charges sometimes differs in except for this service.
    3. Our company is randomly registering our guest to this service, therefore our company is not limited as full occupancy even when becoming the vacancy none in this service.
    4. There is a limitation in the content of the staying service that can be provided by this service,and it agrees to the demand neither service more than the limitation nor the reduction of the charge.
    5. his service designates only the acceptance of reservation as the coverage is made, and it applies to the staying provision and he facility utilization rule which our company state clearly (our company provides for the reception desk acceptance and the guest room).
  3. Formation of reservation

    • Acceptance of reservation when the reservation formation mail arrives in the E-mail address which is registered Beforehand is formed.
  4. Cancellation and changes in reservation

    1. Please contact directly the hotel reservation service when you change or cancel the content of your prearranged accommodation.
    2. When the guest cancel the reservation accommodation the day before check-in or the appointed day, Guest might be pay the Cancellation charge of the room reservation according to the management.
  5. Cancellation of Hotel Reservation

    • above mentioned 3(Formation of reservation). The hotel accommodation might be erased without advance notification, when admitted that there is an act of corresponding to the prohibited matter with article 7(Prohibition Matters) when our company judges that the proposer of the hotel accommodation violated this rule regardless of regulations.
  6. Registered user

    • Article7(Prohibition Matters) when our company judges that the user (henceforth member) who had registered violated this rule, registration might be erased without a prior notice, when admitted that there is an act of corresponding to the prohibited matters.
  7. Prohibition Matters

    1. Register the content of false when you register the member.
    2. Undertake the hotel reservation and do false and unfair application.
    3. No staying act without permission.
    4. Inviting other guest other than registered guest to the room.
    5. Using the room in other purpose than staying.
    6. Application for the guest registration and the hotel reservation instead of others approval of person in question.
    7. Act management of this service is obstructed unjustified; disadvantage is caused in our company or with the fear.
    8. Act the right is violated for other members or third party, it disadvantages or with the fear.
    9. Fear of the act or them that violate it is a certain act in good public order and customs and the law.
    10. Act judged that our company besides each title the former is improper.
  8. Member Information

    • When our company offers this service there are no times when it discloses in the third party excluding the case where it corresponds below concerning the private information and utilization past record of the member who can know.
    1. When basing on the law etc.
    2. When cooperating in the government agent etc. by circumstances of special steps.
    3. When an unavoidable situation that requires urgent correspondence is generated.
    4. When the person consent approves it.
    5. When our company consigns it to the business consignee within the range of right use.
  9. Payment Method

    1. Breakdown such as the hotel charge which the hotel guest should pay depends on the place where it hangs to the Attached table.
    2. Please do the payment of the hotel charge in the preceding clause etc. In the reception desk when the hotel guest leaves or our company claims it by the method it is possible to take the place of this like traveler’s check that the currency or our company admitted, the staying ticket and the credit card etc.
    3. Even if the staying customer doesn't stay arbitrarily, the hotel charge is asked for after the guest room is offered to the customer where our company stays, and use becomes possible.
  10. Stop of this Service

    • Our company might temporarily stop this service without a prior notice when it cannot help stopping the reservation system in the Emergency situation when the maintenance of the server is checked.
  11. Exemption Matters

    1. When annoyance or damage is given to the other person due to the fact that the customer utilizes this service. Is solved in the responsibility ofthe party, our company does not owe a responsibility.
    2. The customer is 10. Even when some, the inconveniences or damage is caused by being not able to use this service because of the state etc. of the situation and stop of this service or the communication, our company assumes the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
    3. When this service doesn't operate normally by all the environmental conditions which the management of our company like the setting of the customer's connection to the Internet equipment or the communication circumstances of the equipment not reaching our company does not owe all responsibility concerning the influences which originate to this.
  12. Others

    1. Our company might change this rule without advance notice if necessary.
    2. Please confirm this rule when you use this service.
    3. When problem occurs in regard to the utilization of this service, concerning the item which does not have rule in this code, you discuss between the parties with sincerity, you do those which undertake the solution.
    4. In regard to the utilization of this service when the dispute which cannot be solved at the courthouse where our company address, in accordance with the Japanese law.
Total that hotel guest should pay Attached List1.
(Breakdown of Hotel charge)
Total that hotel guest should pay   Hotel Charge Basic room charge (room charge)
Additional Charge Dine-in & Beverage fee & other charges
Tax Consumption Tax

Attached List2.
( Penalty and Cancel charges )

  Type & Number of Guest No Stay That Day Day Before 7days before 14days before 21days before
Individual 10 Person 100% 80% 20%      
Group Group 11∼30 Person 100% 80% 20% 10%    
Group 31∼50 100% 80% 50% 20% 10%  
Group 51morethan 100% 100% 80% 20% 20% 10%

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