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Privacy policy

Urban Hotel seriously protecting all information from our guest privacy on-line, In order to ensure the best level of our service. We also employ security policies to prevent personal data misuse and unauthorized access on our website.

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Privacy policy

Urban hotel(Hereafter, called our company) provides the Internet reservation service agreement use for the customers(hereafter, called the customers) who is corporate, in group and all individuals using the Internet reservation that our company operate as follows.

  1. Basic Policy

    • DAISAN Corporation ( Urban Hotel here after our company is called ), it is recognized that it is a base of our active conduct of business to protect customer's privacy and individual information ( Hereafter, it is generically said, "Individual information"), and is our social obligation. Our company provides protection for individual information to have the origin of the recognition of the above-mentioned and the protect customer's individual information as follow, observes a law concerning individual information and an in-house rule, etc. and answers the customer's trust.
  2. Acquisition of Individual Information from customers.

    1. About the acquisition of Individual Information.
      • When our service is used, our company might acquires individual information such as "Name", "Address", and "Where to make contact" from our customer. When private information is acquired from the guest purpose and the utilization range is stated clearly to the guest private information is acquired in the necessary range.
    2. About the Acquisition Method
      • We acquire private information regarding the facility commodity (lodging, foods, drinks, sales goods and other offer services) of our company and other transaction ( less naming generically, it transacts like the method below.
        1. Direct acquisition from person in question.
          • Telephone, document, oral, and the Internet, etc.
        2. Acquisition of person in question from transfer of right authority (use applicant, those who introduce it,and travel mediation entrepreneur, etc.)
    3. Kind of individual information that our company acquires.
      • Our company determines to acquire such information and also law regulation etc. that correspond to the request and other special request regarding the guest room. And personal information that acquire in addition to the address, E-mails address, phone numbers, fax number, the date of birth, sex distinction.
    4. About the refusal to offer the individual information.
      • Our company doesn't compel the offer of individual information from the customer. The customer always has the right to select an individual giving information to our company. However, when the giving information is refused as the name is not presented to the customer, a part of service might not be able to be provided as the reservation cannot be received.
  3. Use of Customer's Individual Information.

    1. About the purpose of use of individual information.
      • When our company uses customer's individual information, it is assumed that it uses only within the range of the purpose of use specified at the time of acquisition, and use exceeding excluding the purpose and the range will not do individual information at all.
    2. Kind and purpose of use of individual information that our company acquires.
      1. Reservation and use of our facilities like hotel and restaurant, etc.
      2. Our company must provide better service according to the demand of an individual.
      3. Offer various kinds information with regard to commodity services that the third party who is able to trust our company.
      4. Our company acquire and keeps it for the purpose of improvement of the services based on the needs of our customers. The offer of various kinds information in this case includes direct mail and E-mail. After the purpose and the range of use are specified for the customer before acquisition of use that the object. States clearly the utilization range to the customers.
    3. Use of (Cookie)
      • Cookie is a technology of the Internet that Identifies Customers Computer0. In our service information on pages collected by using the cookie of the inspection of the customer might be combine with the information that identifies the customers individual and it use as customers information. These information is used within the range has been described by purpose of use individual information. All parts of the service on the web site the result might not be able to used though the function of the cookie can be invalidated by changing the setting according to a browser used.
    4. Stop the use of Individual Information.
      • Please contact our company concerning all or part of the private information which the customer acquires, possesses our company such as transmission stop of the direct mail and E-mail. I will have sincerity and correspond.
  4. Restriction on sharing of individual information.

    1. The third party offer and limitations of sharing.
      • Our company will do customer's individual information in the following cases excluding and I do neither the offer nor indication to:
      1. When basing on the Law.
      2. When cooperating in the administrative official agency etc. by circumstances of special steps.
      3. When an unavoidable situation occurs that requires urgent correspondence.
      4. When the person consent approves it.
      5. Within the range of legitimate utilization our company entrust to the business consignee.
    2. Supervision consignment ahead.
      • We use personal information that you provide when you made a reservation to our hotel,in order to process reservation and improving customers service. We do not share personal information except when Urban Hotel entrust other companies or there are legislations requiring personal Information
  5. Keeping and Handling Individual Information.

    1. Possession of accurate Individual Information.
      • Our company collects private information of the customer to maintained the accuracy and up-to-date state to devises a fair information of the guest.
    2. Disclosure, correction and discard of individual information.
      • I ask to correspond and have sincerity inside necessary range when the disclosure, the correction, and discard etc. in the case that our company hoped for individual information of the customer whom we are collecting to keeps and correspond. Moreover, I will act appropriate measures like the giving information with specifically useful individual data of the customer etc. n that case.
  6. About the safety control etc. of individual information.

    1. Observance of related law and guideline.
      • Our company, observes the related law and the industry guidelines etc."the law regarding the protection of private information"
    2. Safety management control.
      • We endeavor to protect personal data using every security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction,modification and disclosure of personal information.
    3. Company Training
      • In order to safeguard properly personal data, we establish management structure as we establish information security policy and implement inspection and employee education about personal information regularly.
  7. Revision and Disclosure of this policy.

    • This policy might be revised anytime, to corresponds to the social needs regarding the amendment modification and private information of related law etc. and social needs concerning individual information, In that case, our company will open this policy to the public on this Homepage without the delay, and specify the final revision of this policy day.