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Frequently asked questions

We are happy to hear your Inquiries,suggestions and comments , We're trying to improve more our services everyday, so that we satisfy our guest needs. Moreover, we refer your opinion for us to enchance more our service in the future.


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Frequently asked questions

Regarding traffic access
  • How to reach Tsukuba center/station from New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) ?
    What are the possible way to reach Urban Hotel? (from tokyo⇒to tsukuba station⇒to Hotel)
  • 1. From New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) getting on Express Bus bound to Tsukuba Center/Station (55 mins.)(Fare for 2,200円)
    2. From Tokyo Akihabara getting on Tsukuba Express train bound to Tsukuba station (45mins.) rapid.
    3 .From Tsukuba center/station to Hotel by Taxi (for \2,500 up)
    * Routine bus is available from tsukuba station, There are bus stop around Urban Hotel :
    1. (Kantetsu Purple bus) take the Shimotsuma station line (about 13mins.) bound to Ohoshisho bus stop get off (from where it is 3mins. walk).
    2. (Tsukuba city community bus) take the Tsukubasan guchi line (about 13mins.) bound to Oho Madoguchi center bus stop get off. (from where it is 8mins. walk).
    3. (Kantou tetsudou bus) take the Teckno Oho park station line (about 12mins.) bound to kyousyokuin shien kikou bus stop get off. (from where it is 9mins. walk)
  • Is there any shuttle service from tsukuba station to hotel?
  • Yes, there is, but reservation is necessary to avoid conflict of time, and sometimes we can't accept due to unavailable of staff. Pick-up time from 7:00 am to 10:45 pm.
  • How do I get to the hotel from tokyo expressway by car?
  • 1. From Yatabe intersection to hotel 14.6km (about 23mins.)
    2. From Sakura intersection to hotel 14.0km (about 23mins.)
    3. From Tsuchiura north exit to hotel12.1km (about 18mins.)
    4. From Tsukuba Ushiku intersection to hotel 15.9km ( about 23mins.)
Regarding Hotel facilities and services
  • Do you have onsite parking? How much is parking?
  • 1. Parking is available for free, first come first served basis.
    2.For heavy vehicles, reservation is needed.
    3. Good for 42 cars, We have also second parking space near the Hotel, Ask for the details
  • Do the rooms have a private bath room?
  • It's room has private bath room, we have 3 unit type (combination) bath room and the separate type bath room, it depends on type of room.
  • Do you have available cribs? Is there a charge?
  • No. we do provide cribs complimentary,Reservation is necessary because of the limit Quantity.
  • Do you have non-smoking room?
  • Yes, we have 52 rooms of non-smoking. Standard Double, Superior Double, Standard Twin, Extra Twin(Barrier-free) . Note: Upon your reservation, please request to have a non-smoking room there are times that non-smoking room is unavailable, in this case we do sufficient ventilation to the room and put air filter. (please acknowledge beforehand)
  • Do you have 24 hour housekeeping and laundry service?
  • No, sorry we don't have 24 hour housekeeping and laundry service.
    1. Our house keeping service start from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.
    2. Laundry is accepted before 09:00 am and return the same day.
  • Do you offer room service?
  • Room service is provided from the first floor restaurant "OSTERIA VITELLO" business hours from 17:30 pm to 11:00 pm .
    last order for menu 22:00 (23:00 close).
  • Can I check-in early?
  • Early check-in is subject to availability on the day. For queries on early check-in and applicable charges, please send a message on our website or contact the hotel directly. In the event that early-in is not available, we are more than happy to store your luggage until check-in.
  • Can I extend my check-out time?
  • Late check-out is subject to availability on the day. For queries on late check-out and applicable charges, please send a message or contact the hotel directly.
  • Can I send my lugage to the hotel in advance?
  • Yes, Please inform the hotel staff upon your arrival.
  • Is there a waiting list for sold out rooms?
  • In certain instances, We can provide rooms if there is cancelled rooms in the other hand.
  • Is breakfast included?
  • We are having the campaign Breakfast is included in the room rate.
  • Is there facilities for guest with Disabilities?
  • Our hotel has one room available for guest with disabilities.
Regarding guestroom amenities
  • What are the amenities / facilities in the room?
  • All our rooms have beds and set of table & chairs, where applicable air-conditioning, private bathroom with shower, refrigerator, dial phone, hair dryer, bathrobes, set of towels, slippers and toiletries etc.
  • Do the rooms have high speed internet access? It is free?
  • 1.We offer complimentary, Internet access is availablle in all guest rooms and lobby.
    2.We are lending free internet cables at the reception desk.
    3.Free wifi access is also available.(Please ask the staff for Username and Password).
  • Do you have an iron or trouser in the room?
  • No, iron and trouser are only set in the room upon your request.
  • It is possible to have a additional blanket or pillow's?
  • Certainly, just request to the front desk and right away they'll bring in your room.
Regarding room rate
  • What forms of payment are accepted to pay the accomodation?
  • We accept all major credit cards and cash,Payments would be ask upon check-in or check-out.
  • Could I pay my room bills by cheque?
  • Sorry, we're not accepting cheque.
  • Is the rate per person or per room?
  • It will be indicated by the quoted rate if taxes and miscellaneous charges / fees are included. In general, taxes and fees are included for "Special Internet Rates" and are not included for "Additional Rates. "This is just a general rule and you should carefully read all text associated with any reservation.
  • Is there any discounts or special rates for the rooms?
  • Yes, there is a campaign in our own homepage site, the guest who will be staying for 10 nights will receive \5,000 cash back.
  • Can credit cards be used? what cards are acceptable?
  • It is posssible to use cards as follows: VISA / JCB / UC / DC / UFJ card / NICOS / DINERS club / AEON card.
Regarding Restaurants and Shops
  • Is there any restaurant and bar around the hotel?
  • Yes, there are some restaurants around the hotel, Some italian, french,chinese and japanese etc.Izakaya (bar) is japanese type.
  • Is there any shopping malls or tourist spots near hotel?
  • Certainly, our hotel is located 12 mins. away by car from the downtown. We have the big shopping centers around the train station. about the tourist spot, we have the Mt.Tsukuba and some other attraction.