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Tsukuba Science City hosts many leading science and technological institutions in Japan. It also has various tourist spots such as Mt Tsukuba, which is written in the traditional Japanese poem book "Manyoshu". Urban Hotel welcomes all guests with different purposes in Tsukuba.

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Sports and Tourists spots




Golf spots

Tsukuba circuit

Tsukuba circuit


Tsukuba Hokubu Tennis Park

wellness Park

Tsukuba wellness Park

Exhibition Pavilion

Science Museum of Maps and Measurement image

The Science Museum of Maps and Measurement

Tsukuba Space Center (JAXA) image

Tsukuba Space Center (JAXA)

Tsukuba Expo Center imege

Tsukuba Expo Center

Tsukuba Agricultural Research Gallery image

Tsukuba Agricultural Research Gallery

Tsukuba Botanical Garden image

Tsukuba Botanical Garden

Geological Museum Web image

Geological Museum Web

Laboratory Institution in Tsukuba

Close industrial park

Industrial park Distance from hotel
Tsukuba North Industrial Park 5.7 km.(by car 9mins)
Techno Park Oho 5.0 km.(by car 9mins)
Techno Park Sakura 5.1 km.(by car 9mins)
Techno park Toyosato 7.5 km.(by car 13mins)
Toukoudai Industrial Park 8.4 km.(by car 13mins)
West Industrial Park 9.0 km.(by car 14mins)
Oshima Industrial Park 12.9 km.(by car 21mins)
Tsukuba Industrial Park Map

Close Reseach Laboratories

The estimated times are only estimated times from the hotel.
The time may differ depending on traffic, weather, etc.

The Better Living Tsukuba Construction Center.
Tsukuba City Tatehara 2. (by foot 3mins)
National Center for Teachers Development.
Tsukuba City Tatehara 3. (by foot 5mins)
Building Research Institute.
Tsukuba City Tatehara 3. (by foot 10mins)
National Institute for land and Infrastructure Management.
Tsukuba City Asahi 1. (2.0km by car 2mins)
Public Works Research Institute.
Tsukuba City Minamihara 1-6. (2.0km by car 2mins)
NTT Access Network Service system Laboratories.
Tsukuba City Hanabatake 1-7-1. (1.4km by car 2mins)
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK).
Tsukuba City Oho 1-1. (2.2km by car 3mins )
National Research Institute for Earth Science Disaster Prevention.
Tsukuba City Tennodai 3-1. (2.0km by car 3mins)
Geographical Survey Institute.
Tsukuba City Kitazato 1. (4.0km. by car 5mins)
(JAXA)Japan Aero Space Exploration Agency.
Tsukuba City Sengen 2-1-1. (10.1km by car 20mins)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST).
Tsukuba City Umezono 1-1-1. (13.5km by car 25mins)
National Archives of Japan.
Tsukuba City Kamisawa 6-6. (4.2km by car 6mins)

Public Facilities

Public Offices

Ibaraki Prefectural government.
Mito City Kasahara 978-6. Tel: +81-29-301-111
Tsukuba city office.
Tsukuba City Kenkyugakuen 1-1-1. (6.8Km by car 15mins) Tel: +81-29-883-1111
Tsukuba Kankou Convention Society.
Tsukuba City Tsukuho 1-10-4. (600m by foot 7mins) Tel: +81-29-869-8332


Tsukuba University.
Tsukuba City Tennoudai 1-1-1. (4.5km by car 9mins)
Tsukuba Gakuin University.
Tsukuba City Azuma 3-1. (6.9km by car 12mins)
Tsukuba Technology University.
Tsukuba City Amakubo 4-3-15. (5.1km by car 10mins)

Medical Institution

Ichihara Hospital.
Tsukuba City Ozone 3681. (450m by foot 6mins) TEL: +81-29-864-0303
Tsukuba Memorial Hospital.
Tsukuba City Kaname1187-299. (3.6km by car 7mins) TEL: +81-29-864-1212
Tsukuba University Hospital.
Tsukuba City Amakubo 2-1-1. (6.2km by car 11mins) TEL: +81-29-853-3900
Tsukuba medical center.
Tsukuba City Amakubo 1-3-1. (6.5km by car 12mins) TEL: +81-29-851-3511

Shopping Center

Tsukuba City Gakuen no mori 2-19. (5.0km by car 10mins)
Iias Tsukuba
Tsukuba City Kenkyu Gakuen 5-19. (6.0km by car 11mins)
Yamashin Grand stage Tsukuba
Tsukuba City Omonoi Noborito 44.(8.8km by car 15mins)