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Italian Restaurant Osteria Vitello

Restaurant Osteria Vitello

Osteria Vitello

Italian restaurant "Osteria Vitello" The right place where you can enjoy your meal and alcohol at the same time, As for the restaurant and bar. We serve light meal's to Italian course dinner dish and different alcohol of a well Known brand in the world in a reasonable price.
Business hours : from 17:03. to 23:00. Last order 22:00.

Online Reservations:

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Anniversary special Dinner plan.

How about full course dinner in anniversary and birthday?

Full course dinner
From 4,500 yen per person. Alcohol is an extra charge.
* The rate only for dinner course dishes including the soft drinks.
* Also available original cuisine to suit your budget.
Chef Recommended Appetizer
Main dish (First Plate)
Chef Recommended Pasta (Please select one from the menu)
Main dish (Second plate)
Assorted Meat and Fish dishes
Chef recommended Assorted Dessert
Homemade Cake
 5-inch sized Cake for 2 - 4 people ¥4,000
 6-inch sized Cake for 4 - 6 people ¥5,000
Bouquet from ¥3,000

Anniversary plan



  • Having breakfast in the morning will energize you in all activities. It's a great way to start your DAY!! breakfast …

Food Menu

Food menu

  • The staff of Restaurant Osteria Vitello cook the best to offer the dishes that provide maximum satisfaction taste for our customers.

Drink Menu

Drink image

  • Wine bottle is an alcoholic beverages made from fermented fruits that give us a relax when we drink.



Reservation of various parties.

Restaurant Osteria Vitello could accommodate parties, depending on how many persons, from 10-20 people it can be choosen from Course dish by having a seat, Platter dish by having a seat or Buffet style. 20 or more persons is Buffet style recommended.

A course ¥3,000
Green Salad.
Fish Carpaccio with Original Chimichurri sauce.
Chef Recommended Pizza.
Chef Recommended Pasta.
Roasted Pork.
Assorted Fruits.
B course ¥4,000
Prosciutto Salad.
Fish Carpaccio with Original Chimichurri sauce.
Assorted Appetizer.
Chef recommended Pizza. (There are 2 different kinds of pies.)
Chef recommended Pasta. (There are 2 different kinds of pies.)
Roasted Pork.
Assorted Fruits.
C course ¥5,000
Prosciutto Salad.
Marinade Salmon.
Assorted Cheese.
Assorted Appetizer.
Chef Recommended Pizza. (There are 2 different kinds of pies.)
Chef Recommended Pasta. (There are 2 different kinds of pies.)
Pan-fried Fish with Sea urchin sauce.
Beef Steak
Assorted Dessert.
Alcohol is an extra charge.
Incase of four or more persons
When four persons or more it can be upgraded into (Nomihodai plan) which means you can drink all you want or as much, by adding the rate to each course 2,079 yen (include beer, liqour(shochu) wine(red and white), and Four kinds of whiskey, Five kinds of soft drinks). For more you can add 20 kinds of coaktail (Nomihodai Plan) by additional of 315 yen or 630 yen set of champagne, brandy.

Counter Bar.

Bar counter

Even one guest could spend enjoy and relax Counter Bar in Osteria Vitello while drinking different wines.

Please enjoy one cup of the original cocktail of Osteria Vitello Bar.

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Bar Counter