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Internet connection service

Urban Hotel is pleased to provide guest with complimentary Internet Access in our hotelrooms and lobby. For convinient way for guest to access on their work,business, leisure and to connect with their family. Staying guest who bring their own Personal computer could be connected with the Internet system by log in on hotel network name and password. We provide 2 types of Internet Service, Wireless (WiFi) and Wired LAN.

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Internet utilization method

About the use of internet
  • Staying guest who bring their own personal computer could be connected with the Internet system in the hotel by using LAN Cable/Wireless Lan (WIFI)which is provided throughout the hotel,(Hotel lobby, restaurant, rooms and conference room) setting connect to Urbanhotel-wifi-a or Urbanhotel-wifi-g type in password. (Please ask the front staff for the password).
  • It is possible to access in all guest rooms and conference room. Moreover, we prepared a permanent personal computer that can freely use in the lobby for accessing informations, maps , mails, etc.
  • It is a high-speed Internet access service using the optical fiber line( 100Mbps ). The decrease in the transmission speed might be caused by the use state.
  • TCP / IP, If it is a personal computer that uses a LAN environment, this service can be used without changing the setting of guest personal computer.
  • Free internet service to use.
Personal computer can be use
  • OS which verifies operations as follows ( The respective Japanese version/ English version ).
  • < Microsoft > Windows95 / 98 / 98 Second Edition, NT4.0, 2000, ME, XP, Vista , Windows7, Windows8
  • < Macintosh > Mac OS 7.6 above ( Open Trans Port 1.1 above )
  • 10 / 100 Base-T Personal computer that can use LAN card ( PCMCIA ) of correspondence equipped with LAN port.
  • TPC / IP It is necessary to install the network driver in the personal computer.
Using of Internet Service in Guest room
  • With Ethernet ( LAN ) connection port of customer's personal computer.
  • It is possible to connect with the Internet by connecting terminal LAN, for the Internet in the guest room with LAN cable, and you could start to browse a WEB. ( LAN cable could be borrow at the reception desk. )
  • When the browse is started and the top page is not displayed, which is the registered page will display "Urban Hotel". ( When it is not indicated we request to confirm the setting of your personal computer. )
  • After you can peruse the page which likes itself. ( Please click the re-reads button, when pages occur on a browser. After that you can enjoy Internet freely. )
  • After the above-mentioned procedure is done once, the page of 'URBANHOTEL' is not displayed until noon. However, when LAN card ( LAN interface is included in the personal computer in case of internal parts ) is exchanged, the page of 'URBANHOTEL' is displayed again regardless of time.
  • When both IP address and DNS are arbitrary set, the changes in connected setting is unnecessary. However just the Internet Protocol address being optional has set, Please set optional value to DNS where ( DNS it has not set ) whether Internet Protocol address is changed to the setting of automatic acquisition.
  • You cannot utilize the service whose global IP address is necessary in PC itself.
  • It corresponds about the standard specification of IP Sec and PPTP for VPN. It doesn't correspond to a connection and other specification ( the specification etc. that add the security function of an original manufacturer to IP Sec and PPTP ) that needs fixation IP.
Attention in Use
  • When utilization it receives Internet service, because it is to owe responsibility concerning. It cannot assume the responsibility of the following matter when internet services are used and use it. Please use it after it acknowledge.
  • The content of this service might be changed and be discontinued without the advance notification. According to circumstances, it is though it tries for the immediate restoration when trouble is caused in a central equipment when service cannot be provided while staying.
  • Tapping and the unlawful computer access of the electric wave might be generated from inside and outside of the hotel. It cannot be able to make amends for customer's damage by unlawful computer access and set the release of filing the common function in this hotel.
  • Illegal activity such as transmission of Junk-email and the use of file exchange software etc. Moreover, refrain from using the P2P software which has the possibility of causing communication fault in the hotel building and it will become troubled from other customers.
  • ( When a doubtful transmission of the packet and the use of the port, etc. are discovered, It will halt the service. )
  • Trouble and loss, etc. caused when this service cannot be used by some reasons like breakdown etc.
  • Trouble etc. of personal computer generated while using this service.