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Urban Point card

Stay at Urban Hotel with great features like earning and redeeming points. Be a member of Urban point card to enjoy the great benefits like Cash back, Quick check-in, late check-out,free parking even after check-out and other facilities.


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Benefit by Urban Point card.



Quick check-in

Quick check-in,late check-out


Free parking

Point card member agreement.

Notice in Using Point Cards
  • Points will be added upon Check-in/checkout and be sure to bring your card.
  • Points will not be included without your card upon check-in/checkout.
  • Membership cards will be available only the said person.
  • Membership card security lost will not give points.
  • Membership card expiration date is two years from the date of last use.
Giving and use of point
  • Points are issued when reserving through our hotel website, or by calling us directly.
  • 100 points is issued for each night.
  • Points are only issued at regular prices.
  • Points are issued and can only be used when staying at the hotel.
  • Points are not issued when staying with a Free night coupon.
Membership Qualification
  • If there is no stay dates for two years from the final point is invalid.
  • Incase of card counterfeit, forgery is found out membership cards will be invalid.
  • Our company pays a prudent attention to handle the personal information, that observes the law with regard to protect personal information from guest.
  • Our company is committed to the safe management of your personal infomation, unauthorized access to personal information from outside leakage, loss, destruction, alteration of personal information to the illegal discharge. Also establishing the rule regarding the proper management of personal information and disseminate information to the employee conduct regulations concerning information security is provided.
Purpose of Use
  • We will contact you and your business operations and accommodation arrangements.
Changes of Rules
  • This agreement might be allowed to change without notice.
End of terms and condition
  • The hotel is subject to termination after it notified the members in advance.