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Room service

Our restaurant offers room service to guests who prefer eating in their rooms.

Room service is available during limited hours.
Course menu (19:00-22:30)
A la carte menu (19:00-22:30)
Beverages (19:00-22:30)

Room service

Online Reservations:

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Dinner course

Course dinner.
Dinner 7:00PM - 10:30PM daily.
Every dish desrves as much love as your main course,So take a look at our lovely suggestions and make every mouthful magical!!
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A la carte

A la carte.
A la carte 7:00PM - 10:30PM daily.
Menu items priced and orderly seperate.
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Beverages 7:00PM - 10:30PM daily.
Available from soda to alcohol (whisky to brandy)
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